Feb 8, 2010

Stationary Kit's!

Hi all! Here is another project that was at the craft show that I had for sale. I really enjoyed making this project. It is a memory keeper box that has a magnetic closure. I made this box into a stationary kit. There is four styles of cards and six of each style, so there was 24 cards in the box. I made two kinds out of two different paper packs.

This paper pack is the More to Adore papers from Close to My Heart. This is the box:

This is the cards on the inside. 4 styles and 6 of each style:

This is the set all together. I loved all the pearls!

This set was made with the Emporium papers from Close to My Heart. Here is the box:

These are the cards inside the box. Again 4 styles and 6 of each style:

This is the set all together. I used pewter brads through out the set.

Thanks for looking. Please come back for more projects that I did for the craft show. Have a great day everyone!


family.seals said...

Hi Myra!

I am a fellow CTMHer and I would like to know how you made the divider for your box! I have been wanting to make one of these for my club but can't seem to get the divider righ. Any help would be great! I love all you stuff you are a very talented Lady!

family.seals said...

P.S I would love to follow your blog but I can't figure out how! Help!