Mar 3, 2010

Creating Pattern Paper!

Hello all! Today I wanted to share with you my very first attempt at trying to create my own patterned paper. I started with a blank white sheet of cardstock, some stamps and ink and managed to create two patterned papers.

This is page 1:

This is page 2:

And this is the layout I did with these pages. This layout is of my husbands mother. The smaller pictures are the originals and the larger pictures are the ones that my husband made when he was a teenager. He and a friend were playing around with a negative maker or something like it. So he took the smaller pictures and made them bigger! But they also were mirrored or reversed. But they turned out great!

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to let me know what you think of my blog so far. I look forward to your comments. Have a great day everyone!

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